Stroke Efficiency Swim Program for Adults – 15 years & above 

Using the Total Immersion (TI) method, adults learn proper stroke technique through a progression of drills that lay the foundation for graceful and effortless swimming, regardless of age or skill level. With TIs drill progression, you will learn balance, streamlining, rotation, and all of the necessary movements which lay the groundwork for efficient and relaxed swimming. With such an approach, each lap eventually becomes smooth and enjoyable. The end result is an elegant and effortless stroke as seen in world-class swimmers. Improvements weve seen are nothing less than remarkable.

Benefits of the Program

  • Learn balance, streamlining, rotation, and all of the necessary movements for efficient swimming
  • Non-intimidating method for beginners and recreational swimmers
  • Build confidence in deep water and participate in other water activities such as scuba diving, wake boarding, skiing, wind surfing, etc.
  • Complement gym or running workouts with a low-impact exercise
  • Unlearn bad habits and imprint good muscle memory for a lifetime of effortless swimming
  • Develop correct technique for triathlon and open-water swimming
  • Improve over-all physical fitness
  • Relieve mind from stress and tension

Skills You Will Learn

Beginners/Recreational Swimmers

Graceful and blissful swimming is what’s in store for you. Our methodology imparts the right technique that will enable you to cover longer distances with much less effort. In contrast to how you feel after a hard workout from the gym or after a grueling 10k run, you’ll come out of the water even more refreshed and rejuvenated after a swimming with an efficient technique. Regardless of your age, it’s never too late to learn.

Advanced/Competitive Swimmers or Triathletes

You will learn the same effortless and efficient stroke you see in world-class swimmers and the necessary principles and theories which explain why such a technique allows much more improvement. You’ll be endowed with the knowledge and practice of improving stroke length and decreasing stroke rate, doing more with much less, counting and reducing your strokes by at least 20%. For instance, before taking the course, you can swim a 25 meter lap in 20 strokes. After the course, you’ll learn to swim the same distance in 16 strokes or less. Imagine the total number of strokes reduced and the energy you save if you were to swim a 1,500m race!

Water Sports Enthusiasts

Learning how to swim effortlessly gives you an opportunity to engage in other water sports like scuba diving, wake boarding, surfing, jet skiing, wind surfing, sailing, etc. You will not just gain self-confidence, but also improve your endurance and performance for these water activities.

    Swim Goals

    Beginners / Recreational Swimmers / Water Sports Enthusiasts

    • Breath Management 
    • Streamlined Horizontal Balance (Face down / Back)
    • Elementary Backstroke 
    • Freestyle Arm Recovery with high-elbow and Front-Quadrant Timing with one-side breathing
    • Breaststroke Kick 
    • Breaststroke Swim Drills (2 kicks, 1 breath)

    Advanced/Competitive Swimmers or Triathletes

    • Freestyle Arm Recovery with high-elbow and Front-Quadrant Timing with Bilateral Breathing
    • Efficient Breaststroke / Backstroke / Butterfly

      Our Packages


      15 YEARS & UP

      • Stroke Efficiency for any swim stroke for adults at any age or skill level
      • Teacher : Student Ratio: 1 : 4
      • Class Duration: 60 Minutes

      2x  a week

      ₱12,150 / 8 Lessons

      Once a week

      P13,370 / 8 Lessons


      Annual Registration Fee – ₱1,000 per student

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How is Total Immersion™ different from traditional instruction?

      Total Immersion™ focuses on swimming intelligently. We believe that by practicing the most efficient technique possible, swimmers will move through water with a speed and ease that traditional instruction simply cannot match.

      I already know how to swim – so I don’t need to learn Total Immersion™, right?

      As long as you have human DNA, Total Immersion™ is guaranteed to make you swim faster, easier and happier laps than you ever have before. Although you may already be able to traverse a body of water, we can teach you to do it with an ease and fluency that you’ve never thought possible.

      I never learned to swim when I was a kid, is it too late to try learning now?

      Absolutely not. Total Immersion™ is highly effective for any adult learning to swim for the first time no matter what your past experiences have been or what your future goals may be.

      Swimming makes me feel uncomfortable and afraid – can Total Immersion™ help?

      Yes! Total Immersion™ has helped countless hydrophobic individuals who are now proud to report that they can put their faces in water with confidence and swim across deep, open water with leisure. We can enable anyone to enjoy the serenity of being totally immersed.

      I can barely finish a lap. What can Total Immersion™ do for me?

      Total Immersion™ teaches you how to swim in the most relaxed and efficient manner. We’ll be comparing the number of strokes you made to complete a lap from before you started your first session and towards your completion of the course. The result is usually a 25%-40% reduction in your stroke count, and lots of energy left for you to do more effortless and enjoyable laps!

      I’m a very experienced, competitive swimmer – can Total Immersion™ really make me faster?

      Of course! Total Immersion™ is Kaizen swimming – based on the principle of continuous improvement. Because humans naturally have such a low level of efficiency when moving through water, there are endless gains to be made in decreasing energy expenditure and increasing speed.

      Does Total Immersion™ teach all four legal strokes?

      Yes. Total Immersion™ instructs students to move with grace and purpose whether they’re swimming freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly.

      In what ways can Total Immersion™ be therapeutic?

      Total Immersion™ has empowered individuals with illnesses and injuries of all kinds to improve their health and strength with exposure to the uniquely healing qualities of exercising in water.

      Can Total Immersion™ help individuals with disabilities?

      Total Immersion™ instructors have helped many individuals with disabilities enjoy the benefits of swimming and the freeing experience of moving confidently through water.

      My body just doesn’t float, so I’ll never be able to swim – right?

      You will with Total Immersion™! Conventional instruction might lead you to believe that you are a lost cause in the swimming realm, but Total Immersion™ guarantees that you’ll swim better than you ever thought possible. We have seen people who sink to the floor and this is due to excessive muscle tension that is probably rooted in nervousness or lack of experience in the water. Once a student learns to relax and discover how his body works in the water, he will learn to float to the surface without any effort.

      I just want to swim for fitness – why would I want to become more efficient?

      Fitness swimmers will benefit from the increased enjoyment of swimming and the reduced risk of injury that the Total Immersion™ technique provides.

      How long does it take to learn Total Immersion™?

      Total Immersion™ is taught by mastering the Total Immersion™ Drill Sequence. Because every individual has a unique pace and process for learning, it is impossible to give an exact amount of time; however, many students are able to master the basic sequence after five to eight hours of instruction with a coach. Total Immersion™ is taught on the principle of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement), and therefore the opportunities for improvement and the quest for perfection will last a lifetime.

      What should I bring to the AquaTech Swimming Lessons?
      • Swim Suit

       Female students – Two piece bikinis might look   stunning   on you at the beach, but it’s not very practical for swimming lessons since there will be a lot of movements in the water. We  recommend our female students to wear a comfortable snuggly fit one-piece bathing suit.

       Male students – We strongly recommend that you wear a snuggly fit swim trunks or tight fitting swim/bike shorts or “jammers”, rather than loose-fitting board shorts. Wearing loose shorts will make it difficult for you to achieve balance and flow in the water. For those who are self-conscious, we recommend that you wear a snuggly fit RASH GUARD (swim shirt) over your swim suit.         

      For custom-made rash guards and wetsuits, please contact Lisa Guevara at 0917-5268112.

      •  Goggles

        Factors to consider when buying goggles:

      1. FIT & COMFORT – goggles come in different sizes, try different types or styles before buying a pair to ensure that it fits the shape of your face.
      2. LEAK-PROOF – you want to make sure that the water does not go inside your goggles. Owning an extra pair of goggles is also advised, just in case the other one leaks.
      3. LENS – goggles have different lenses…choose the one that fits your purpose. Since we will be swimming outdoors, you may use goggles with clear lens, or light tinted lens. We have AQUA SPHERE™ and ZOGGS™ goggles for sale, please email or call 0917.897.9678 to order. 
      • Big Towel / Bath Robe

      Plan to bring at least one clean towel to the class with you,     preferably two. Our venues does not provide the use of towels for Aqualogic Students unless you are a member of their health club or a checked-in hotel guest.

      • Waterproof Sunscreen 

      If you will be swimming in an outdoor pool, we have to protect our child from the harmful rays of the sun by using a sunscreen specifically formulated for babies/children. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before the swim lesson to let the skin absorb it, and to also avoid any excess lotion running down the child’s eyes. Trust us on the sunscreen!

      We carry  SUN BUM Sun Care Products, Water-Resistant, Hypoallergenic, Cruelty-free, and made without Parabens or Gluten. Please email or call 09178979678 to order. 

      • Non-slip Shoes / Slippers

      The pool area can be very slippery since it is always wet, so to avoid from any accidents , we recommend that you wear non-slip shoes / slippers when walking around the pool deck and locker rooms.